Setting Up Yeoman and Angular Using Coffeescript

Hey! it’s been a while I know, but I’ve been into the deep gaming world and I basically burnt all my spare time playing Dota2 (which btw is pretty awesome!).

Well, actually I also had the chance to study Angular.js especially after I saw that the Yeoman’s generator-angular has introduced the --coffee option to bootstrap a whole angular application written with the beloved CoffeeScript.

Unfortunately, the s**t doesn’t work. I mean… there are still a few things to setup.

Pure CSS3 Turnover Effect Animation of a Button Without Sprites

Ye ye I know that this is all but ‘real’ coding, but I want to grab the chance to post something here just because I’ve done some little css modifications to this blog.

Oh yes, I’m excited in particular about the ‘read on’ button animation and how easy is to achieve this without using sprites or images.

In short, here is where I want to go:

The CSS3 button animation effect – click to zoom

Using Yeoman With Phonegap and Backbone.js

Being at ĀµForge, we had to face some serious problems trying to fix and use a correct workflow for our Phonegap application.

The application has its core built in Backbone.js and uses jQuery Mobile to render itself. It also comunicates with a Django server that has an API built using Tastypie to get/set the data.

The app is being compiled for Android and I actually have no experiences with Phonegap’s iOs building process, but the principle is sureley the same.

I dont give a f**k about your app, just show us the code!

OK, OK, use the following steps to setup all the base things needed to correctly build a web app with Yeoman using a single Gruntfile:

NOTE: I’ve used the Phonegap 2.7.0 version for this example app, I’m sure that you’ll figure out how to make it work for Phonegap 3+ (afaik it’s easy).

The First One


I’ve setup this blog just because I always wanted one. Unfortunately I’m a man of few words so it’s better if I’ll start to write some code ASAP :O.

Starting from this Octopress theme, I’ll try to do some mass modifications and deploy a new theme. As usual, I ‘just’ need to take some time for that, even if the gamer that’s inside me is crying.

Seems like we gotta keep the beast chained!